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Library Planning

The following links will provide more information about our four-year strategic plan, which is a short-term road map for library priorities, and our longer-term building plan, which provides the library with a guide for improving our facilities over time. Both documents work together, and as living plans, are subject to revision and change.


2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan at a Glance (one-page)
Strategic Plan Booklet (multiple pages, more detail)

Library Building Planning

The library continues to work toward a plan of keeping the Downtown building at its present size, while making incremental cosmetic updates to provide greater comfort and the functions needed by library patrons; providing better service through an enhanced facility in the central area of the city along the 30th Street corridor; and maintaining the Southwest Library facility, which has recently received cosmetic updates.

Sale of Library Real Estate by the Corporate Authority - Appraisal Document - Appraisal-of-Branch-Library-3059-30th-St (multiple pages, more detail)

The following studies by library building consultant George Lawson, building engineers and architects, inform our needs for our service area, which includes both Rock Island and our library service contract with the Milan-Blackhawk Area Public Library District.

Library Consultant Needs Assessment -  Prepared Dec. 1, 2014, 41 pages *Peer Benchmark Data is included in this report on pages 14-16.

Library Consultant Building Program DocumentServices and Operational Capabilities, Draft June 2015."The recipe" for what a building needs to contain.

Libraries in General:

Aspen Institute report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries
Libraries and Civic Engagement: Stanford Social Action Review, copyright 2019 Stanford University


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